Are you shopping for a Sony or LG OLED TV? Are you familiar with the benefits of QLED TVs versus OLED TVs? In this post, we’ll be discussing the differences of these two competing technologies. Black Levels OLED has long been favored for its deep black levels. OLED is a self-emissive technology, meaning each pixel can turn on and off … Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Tv Size for Any Room (New for 2019)

How to choose the perfect tv size for any room

Size Matters (most)—Nobody comes in to buy a smaller TV than the one that they currently have, and the number one reason that people exchange their TV under our 15 day “love it or exchange it” guarantee is that they bought a TV that wasn’t big enough. As TVs have gotten thinner and the bezel/frames have gotten smaller (almost non-existent) … Read More