Great Sound, Small Speakers, No Messy Wires

Samsung Soundbar in living room

Great sound used to mean BIG speakers, lots of wires, a big A/V receiver, an expensive installation, and a total price tag that would have you choose between a great sound system and a decent automobile.   All of that changed about 15 years ago with the introduction of soundbars, but there was still no comparison between the sound quality of … Read More

5 Common TV Problems and Exactly How to Fix Them


TV Turns on But No Picture There are a number of possible causes for your TV turning on but not producing a picture. The most common reason is that your TV is on the wrong input. You can typically change the input by pushing a button on your TV remote labelled “input”, “source”, or “TV/Video.” Keep pushing the button to … Read More

What to Consider When Hanging a TV over a Fireplace

What to Consider When Hanging a TV over a Fireplace

By now, you’ve probably seen TVs hanging over fireplaces a thousand times, yet one of the most common questions asked in our stores is “Can I hang a TV over my fireplace?” YES! YES YOU CAN! We have installed thousands of TVs over fireplaces. The fireplace is usually the focal point of the living room. Your seating is probably facing … Read More

Why Your Flat Screen TV Needs a Soundbar


If you are buying a new TV, a separate soundbar or surround sound system is virtually a necessity. If you haven’t purchased a TV in a while, you may be saying to yourself “That doesn’t make sense. My old TV sounds fine.” Well, your old TV isn’t wafer-thin like most of today’s TVs and it has something below it or … Read More

The Best TV for a Bright Room

best tv for a bright room

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting down on Sunday afternoon to watch a football game and realizing that all you can see is the glare from the sun coming through your windows. You could purchase shades or blinds, but who really wants to sit in the dark anyway? Before you purchase a new TV, make sure you take the environment … Read More

Why Samsung’s Frame Tv Is One of the Coolest Tvs Ever

samsung frame tv

Samsung’s Frame TV is one of the coolest products that we carry at The Big Screen Store. For years, we have had customers looking for ways to hide or disguise their TVs, spending thousands and thousands of dollars on cabinets that TVs can drop down into or having custom mirrors and frames made to fit over the TV. Last year, … Read More



Are you shopping for a Sony or LG OLED TV? Are you familiar with the benefits of QLED TVs versus OLED TVs? In this post, we’ll be discussing the differences of these two competing technologies. Black Levels OLED has long been favored for its deep black levels. OLED is a self-emissive technology, meaning each pixel can turn on and off … Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Tv Size for Any Room (New for 2019)

How to choose the perfect tv size for any room

Size Matters (most)—Nobody comes in to buy a smaller TV than the one that they currently have, and the number one reason that people exchange their TV under our 15 day “love it or exchange it” guarantee is that they bought a TV that wasn’t big enough. As TVs have gotten thinner and the bezel/frames have gotten smaller (almost non-existent) … Read More